Thursday, 19 June 2014

Johann Hari: Rebranding

If he has any hope of rekindling his career, it's pretty crucial that plagiarist, incest-porn aficionado and Wikipedia bully, Johann Hari, picks his next project carefully.

Thankfully, we might be in luck. Word around the watercooler is that Hari is connected to a project to get a political documentary off the ground. One featuring a new kind of political hero. A celebrity who seems to have become BFFs with Hari...

... Russell Brand.

FYI: Apparently Michael Winterbottom is in the frame to direct it too.

Johann spent much of last year galavanting around the globe researching and writing a book, Chasing The Scream: The first and last days of the war on drugs. It is due to be published next January.


  1. Russell Brand's address book is like a who's who of unbearable twats.

  2. "plagiarist, incest-porn aficionado and Wikipedia bully"

    And as if things couldn't possibly get worse, he was once friends with Cristina Odone.