Saturday, 21 June 2014

Michael Alig: Them Were Rotten Days (Honest)

"None of us was using drugs to have fun. It wasn't like, oh, let's do cocaine and go dance! It was more like we need another line of cocaine to never have to face the truth that we were very self-conscious and uncomfortable in our own skins. And the irony is that we were spearheading this youth movement where the tagline was 'love yourself'."

A lengthy interview with Michael Alig in Guardian Weekend draws inevitably towards this mea culpa 'Drugs BOO!' quote by way of a conclusion.

Worth noting how Michael's story is so often framed as a 'the wages of sin are death' parable, as if Ecstasy is but a gateway drug to smashing someone's head in with a hammer and then dismembering their corpse.

It's by their star interviewer, Emma Brockes, who notoriously manufactured a libellous hatchet-job of an interview with Noam Chomsky

Why she's still working for them is anyone's guess.

Fagburn wonders if Brockes made-up any of Alig's quotes?

PS Michael is GT's new star columnist! He gets two pages, rather than the standard one. But I guess it's hard to argue with a convicted murderer.

Michael Alig, pictured in happier times, from a new exhibition of John Simone's Club Kids photographs, Legends of NY Nightlife.

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