Saturday, 14 June 2014

Photography: The Invisible Men

Film-maker Sébastien Lifshitz, 45, has been scouring flea markets since he was 10. Twenty years ago, in the Vanves market, Paris, he came across a photo album of two old women. “I couldn’t figure out the relationship between them,” he says. “Were they sisters? Friends? Lovers?”

He then set about collecting shots of anonymous gay couples from the start of the 20th century, and has now put them together in a book, The Invisibles. “So much of gay history focuses on the struggle and tragedy of the past, and of course that was true, but these images prove the reality was more complex. They show a freedom and a happiness for those brave enough to take pictures of who they were.”

My goodness, my Guardian, you can see these gay men's faces!!!

M. Lifshitz (!) has also made a documentary called Les Invisibles, where 11 older gay men tell their stories. 

Soyez le bienvenu!

PS How to grow your own kale, an actual article in today's Guardian.

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  1. I thought I recognised his name. He directed Presque Rien - a french fillum I saw on Ch4 about 15 years ago that has a couple of hot young fellas actually bumming on the beach in it! Knocked a few out over that one.
    It's a bit arty other than that, though. And depressing. But nobody does arty and depressing like the French!

    That's a beautiful picture up top. Hmm, might get this book...