Monday, 30 June 2014

Rupert Everett: Hello Darling, Had Any Work Done?

She's so controversial!
At first, he bats away my question about whether he’s had work done but later agrees to talk about it. He has his own blood injected into his face every four months.

“They put it through a Magimix, turn it into plasma and inject it back in. It’s really good for your skin. Blood is the new thing. What you really want to have, if you’re rich, is someone with your blood group running high up in the mountains all day long and sending you down their blood, deliciously oxygenated, which you can inject in various parts of your body. I’d advise you to inject the whole of your face with blood – it will make it look radiant. Then I would have a little bit of laser, which is very good for tightening.”


Oh, Rupe also says some stuff about how being out has held his career back -  yeah, that and you being an insufferable arsehole.


  1. If I want my head to look like a giant dumpling with a wig on, I know what to do...

  2. In my day having some work done meant building a conservatory.

  3. he does not look young, or younger..than he did, and he's always had a sharp face...... but he is a talent...the judas kiss required him to look haggard ..
    So Rupert it's the voice..dont worry about the eek or the riah!

  4. Queerty writer criticising someone else's disappointing career irony klaxon!

    Queerty is so bad these days.