Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ballroom Dancing: Blitz

The British Dance Council finds itself in the eye of a rather surprising storm. This hitherto blameless organisation, which devises and oversees the rules for ballroom dancing, is considering a proposal to ban same-sex partnerships from competing against “traditional” couples. The revised rule would stipulate, in a somewhat biblical manner, that a couple should comprise “one man and one lady”.

Bryan Allen, president of the BDC, explains very cogently that there is “no discrimination at all”. It is simply that all-male partnerships have a possible advantage, in strength and athleticism, when competing against male-female couples. On the other side, Heather Devine, who competes with her female partner Chrisi Lyons, says: “I am really distressed that the BDC is even considering banning us. We’ve put in a huge amount of effort. To exclude us will mean that we can’t dance in mainstream competitions any more. This seems so unfair.”

Devine and Lyons are the European same-sex senior champions, and last month Blackpool proudly staged a same-sex dance festival at the Winter Gardens. The BDC has suggested that its proposal would strengthen such events. Yet there are, in fact, very few same-sex partnerships. So is it worth proposing this ban? Is it even legal? ...

And when even the Telegraph says you're being an out-of-touch old fuddy-duddy...

PS Best reader comment; 'Liberals are Unwitting Shills for Communism and Satanism.' We are, but please don't let on. 

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