Saturday, 5 July 2014

BBC TV News: Making It

Nicholas Witchell is not talking about the Queen when he recalls the incident which, along with an icy encounter with her eldest son, has come to define his career in broadcasting. "I lowered myself gently astride the dear lady," he says. "You could hear all these muffled cries and groans. I think it came as a shock to us both."

It came as a shock, too, to poor Sue Lawley, who had to read the headlines while Witchell wrestled a gay rights protester under the desk beside her, clamping his hand against her mouth. A second woman had also invaded the studio at the swing of the final bong, handcuffing herself to the camera. It wobbled slightly as Lawley kept going. 'BEEB MAN SITS ON LESBIAN', the Mirror's front page screamed the next day.

It was 1988 and Witchell was on top of his game...

Nicholas Witchell recalls in The Independent when BBC One's Six O'Clock News was invaded by two lesbians protesting against Section 28.

BBC TV News celebrates its 60th anniversary today - surely this was its finest minute?

PS Here's the audio from the gallery; 'Oh fucking hell, there's some nutter in the studio! Get him out!' sic etc.

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