Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Commonwealth Games: The Excitement Mounts!

Best of luck to all taking part, especially the plucky contestants from our colonies.

The Opening Ceremony looks first-rate.

John Barrowman hosts - let's hope he remembers to talk in his Scottish accent today.

The Krankies, Lulu and Andy Stewart headline [All STC].

Oh look! Saint Peter wants 42 of the 53 member states taking part to be banned from the games. 

But why stop there, Pete?

Why not ban 'em all?

Or boycott all countries without a 100% perfect human rights record?

That'll learn 'em.

I take it you are inspired by America's incredibly effective boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, yes?

Anyway, here's the important bit - THE MEN'S DIVING SCHEDULE!!! (It doesn't start til next Wednesday. BOO!).

PS The Advocate have spotted a new diving talent... Jack Laughter!


  1. John Barrowman certainly did remember his Scottish accent and it was highly amusing. I couldn't watch it for long - children dressed as teacakes - it looked dreadful. Then the patronising send £5 for a child appeal nearly made me lose my tea.

    Isn't the national anthem a dreadful dirge? Her Maj looked terribly miserable throughout. Perhaps she was disappointed not to have ridden in on the wing of one of the red arrows?

    1. I only saw what people were saying on Twitter.
      After a bit it became impossible to tell if people were taking the piss or not.