Thursday, 24 July 2014

Commonwealth Games: Hoots Mon Etc!

Tasteful and totally appropriate caption from Huffington Post, there. 
PANTO star John Barrowman left a global telly audience of over a billion [Yeah, right] gobsmacked — when he snogged a fella at last night’s Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

The gay kiss was part of a barmy sequence that saw Susan Boyle fluff her song words, a dancer in undies grab his crotch and performers frolick inside giant Tunnock’s teacakes...

The Sun.

The Gretna Green kiss was quite cute, and I like seeing the ceremony as a low budget campy piss-take of the London Olympics extravaganza, though that may only be in my head.

The ever fatuous Gay Star News.
Not sure how this kiss would be a 'stunning rebuke' to anti-gay politicians and religious leaders who argue that homosexuality and the tolerance of it are a Western malaise we are trying to export, but there you go.

Expect the usual suspects to get incredibly over-excited about this - 'A brief gay kiss! Take that Third Worlders!' - like the walls of Jericho will now fall.

Funny how the gayers who are the most easily offended are also the most easily pleased.

Even the Mail approve - go figure.


  1. Nice to see what the Queen had to say on the subject of equality and homophobia in sport. Nothing.

  2. Alex Salmond said sweet fuck all either - and I am (was) an SNP voter.

    1. He said Glasgow was nice, which was nice.