Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fagburn: Meet Olly Swan-Muncher-Gymkhana Our New Intern

Hiya guys!

I don't know the first fucking thing about anything, but have been allowed to write for Fagburn, while he's at the beach.
Anyhoo, it's a real pleasure to be writing for Gay Pink Star Attitude Independent News!
Here's something I just read in the Daily Mail online without checking it.
I don't really do news, I just Google shit and then cut-and-paste crap from Wikipedia instead of research.
Or thinking.
What does it matter if it's days old?
If I write something like FIERCENESS! no-one will know I went to St Cake's, right?
You go girl! [Subs - Is that what they say?]
Have you heard about Alan Turing?
He was gay and is now dead!
So sad about that.
Openly gay TV comic Graham Norton is openly gay, did you know that?
Russia? BOO!

[Undeclared advertorial for the Bank Of Belsen - they have now put a rainbow flag on their website. Yay!]

Here's another meaningless poll.
And now a HEART-WARMING made-up letter about gay dads.
That is literally going viral!
Have you thought about a holiday in Tel Aviv?
Those IDF men are smoking hot!
And finally, a press release about Peter Tatchell.
So brave!
So very, very brave.


[You're sacked, you posh spaz - Ed.]

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