Thursday, 10 July 2014

Gay Star News: Bingo!

Gay Star News.

Well, this is a feature I'm sure every lesbian and gay men in Christendom will want to read!

But hang on! Surely this is paid content - s/advertorial - and they haven't said so in the article.

Doesn't that contravene Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Protections 2008?

GSN keep doing this.

Fagburn is tempted to say this shows a complete contempt for their readers, but the endless lazy braindead consumerist corporate Google-found stories gayist drivel they publish day-in day-out has probably rendered that statement somewhat redundant.

Someone should tell the Advertising Standards Authority, and ask what they think.

Update: The ASA agreed with complaints this was advertorial, the page has now been amended to state it is 'sponsored'. Naughty GSN! Don't do it again.

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