Thursday, 31 July 2014

Israel: Oh Fuck You

And while thousands die the gay media can just print salutations to top gay holiday destination Israel.

Why LGBT People Around The World Need Israel James Duke Mason, The Advocate.

Or why not take a holiday in 'the gayest city in the world'?

Tel Aviv is famous for it's neverending beach-line. A magnificent 14km of blue sea, open horizon, sun and lots of people, make the Tel Aviv beach a perfect place for spending many hours of your vacation.

Along the seashore you will find a promenade which is always busy with people around the clock. Take a bike ride, jog, go for a swim, or enjoy the dozens of restaurants, cafe's, pubs, discos and more, there is always action at the beach.

Odd that it's the same gay far right-wing Russia bashers, like Michael Lucas and James Kirchick, that are now getting kissy to the kid killers in Israel, dontchafink?
Anyone for more right-wing gay exceptionalist hegemony? 


  1. What a pack of Nazi-supporting faggots. Mainstream gay media is a bad joke.

  2. You'll love this site then, especially this misappropriated story about a gay couple from 'the city of Ariel' (i.e. one of the largest settlements in the West Bank)