Thursday, 24 July 2014

Outing: Oops!

Pink News.

Twenty years ago OutRage! - meaning by then Peter Tatchell's personal fiefdom - threatened to out 10 CofE bishops and 20 MPs.

On March 20th 1995, the Belfast Telegraph ran a front page story saying that a leading Northern Ireland MP was on the list, and had been sent a warning letter.

Later that day, the Ulster Unionist MP, Sir James Kilfedder, suffered a heart attack and died.


  1. Are you seriously suggesting that we should feel sorry for an Ulster Unionist MP? There is nothing wrong with outing hypocrites who say or do harmful things, while remaining firmly in the closet.

    Stop being such a namby pamby wet liberal.

  2. I merely stated a fact - I expressed no opinion.

    1. Stated a selective fact. What about mentioning Portillo voting for Section 28 and against an equal age of consent prior to telling us all about his youthful homosexual experiences?

    2. Surely Portillo was one of the other MPs on the list? Why only mention Kilfedder?

  3. Why edit the original post then?

  4. Apparently Kilfedder had threatened to out "communists, gay activists and pro- republicans" as part of his moral crusade. So it might be a case of the biter bit.