Sunday, 27 July 2014

Paedomania: Maggie & Me

A FORMER top policeman has told how he warned PM Margaret Thatcher that one of her senior aides was suspected of holding sex parties for underage boys.

Personal bodyguard Barry Strevens informed Maggie of damning intelligence that Peter Morrison could be a paedo — but she ignored it and promoted him to a key role regardless.

Maggie appointed Morrison, who she trusted as a loyal confidant, to be deputy party chairman in the 1980s despite police misgivings about his private life.

Besides rumours of sex parties, stories abounded of him kerb-crawling and being cautioned for having sex with a boy of 15 in a public toilet.

Old Etonian Morrison — now dead — has since also been linked to scandals at children’s homes in Wales.

Last night Barry, now 70 and retired, said of Mrs Thatcher’s decision to promote him: “I wouldn’t say she was naive but I would say she would not have thought people around her would be like that...'

The Sun on Sunday - finally naming Morrison who The Sunday People front paged last week.

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