Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pride: The Digested Review Bingo

Important romcom about gay activists and striking miners... heartwarming, faith-restoring... unlikely but true story... Kinky Boots style dance-off... impossible not to smile or be moved... Bill Nighy...  Imelda Staunton... reminiscent of Billy Elliot and The Full Monty... an uplifting film about humanity and kindness... it's not out til September.

The Independent.

Don't forget to play words bingo in all reviews.
And note from the quotes used here it's getting ecstatic notices from the very papers that demonised the miners and queers in the 80s.
This is one of the trailers that makes you feel you've watched the film - it does look like they've airbrushed all the grit and coal dust out of the story.
To make 'The feel good comedy of the year'?
Fingers crossed the miners win.

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  1. Oh, it's all part of the collective consciousness stumbling towards an apology.