Friday, 18 July 2014

Random: Question For The Day

Have you lost all capacity for rational thought?

Endless stupid fucking conspiracy fuckwits ranting on about how they know how that plane came down. Twitter at its worst. There is no fucking evidence yet, ergo you literally can't fucking have a clue about anything, you stupid fuck. Never mind anyone who might actually know anything about such things. 'Was it Putin? Cause he Hitler!' Oh fucking hell. Here we fucking go again. Maybe the plane just fell out the sky. I mean, who knows really? Maybe it was being flown by mice on a suicide mission to avenge the Cheese Wars?
Why not phone up David Icke? 
Anyway, clearly the idiots - once more - have won.
Well done WORLD!


  1. You're delicately passing over the radar tracks that show the deadly missile originating in the hegemonic thought of that Putin guy.

    1. I shall enter my uninformed reply after listening to today's Today. Good day.

  2. I expect, no, I demand a complete and total confutation.