Monday, 28 July 2014

Sherlock: My Dear Watson

Ever since the drama was launched in 2010, there has been a running joke that the TV duo might be more than just good friends.

Landlady Mrs Hudson, played by Una Stubbs, 77, often makes cheeky references to their sexuality when she drops in on Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch, 38) and Watson (Martin Freeman, 42).

A new series is due late next year and, as a result, die hard Sherlockians have bombarded the Beeb with their own saucy plotlines and explicit drawings which turn the characters into randy gays.

The show’s shocked co-creator Mark Gatiss, 47, revealed: “Oh my God. I get sent things that would make your hair turn white. It’s not just Sherlock and Watson holding hands on a park bench, I can tell you that.

“Some of them are incredibly graphic but my goodness I’ve not tried half the things they’re doing.”

Gatiss claims he is to blame for the deluge of gay fiction.

He says when he and Steven Moffat, 52, revived the classic stories for the BBC they added the joke about Sherlock and Watson potentially being gay partners.

The actor and writer says they stole the idea from the Billy Wilder film about the sleuth in 1970.

He tells the Australian gay magazine DNA: “Sherlock is asked to father a child with a Russian ballerina and gets out of it by claiming he and Watson are a couple. We took that and went with it.”

Daily Star - can't find the DNA interview.


  1. It is from issue 172

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Billy Wilder Sherlock Holmes film. It's one of cinema's notable 'what could have been' films, in that it was originally intended as a 3 hour 'roadshow' movie, but was cut down to 2 hours; and Wilder later said that he wished he'd gone much further with the Holmes being a gayer stuff (though it's pretty clear in the film, for the times).
    The excised scenes are thought to be lost forever now, unfortunately.
    Oh, it's a wonderful movie!