Monday, 28 July 2014

Ruth Hunt: Practising Catholic

The Independent.

Stonewall statement.

Stonewall are now going to do more with the tranny community, The Guardian reports [Subs, is this okay?]

Update: Interview with The Independent.

The quote the media liked best...

“Nicky Morgan wrote to me this week saying she was very keen to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, and there’s a very real commitment to shifting attitudes in schools/

“I think the next step is about going into preschools. We need to encourage [under-fives] to think about different families. Loads of kids these days have two mums or two dads – or at least gay uncles and aunts...

“The most important thing is that it’s all age appropriate, but we grew up reading Cinderella and that didn’t turn me into a blatant heterosexual, so we need to just chill out a bit, don’t we? Banning books is never the way. There’s no evidence whatsoever that you can make anyone gay.”

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