Monday, 14 July 2014

Straight Media: Gay Clichés 3

Quick!!! Run the generic gay men in sport article!

So a famous gay sportsman everyone knew was gay has 'come out' as a gay.
Who knew?
It's the last taboo!
Overwhelming support.
But why so few?
Sponsorship? Locker room culture? Dunno, really.
Justin Fashanu!
But Gareth Thomas, Tom Daley, that cricketer dude.
Fill out piece with copies of tweets congratulating Ian Thorpe from other famous people.
'So brave!' etc.
Trite, patronising conclusion: Perhaps one day the gays won't have to 'come out'?

The Sun: Tried to erase the 'a' in Photobucket but got bored.


  1. Nothing to do with with the 400 grand "fee" then

  2. His autobiography was called "All Of Me".

    I found it in the charity bookshop I work in and put it on special display with a little card saying, "...except for the coming out bit".