Wednesday, 16 July 2014



Fingers crossed those two cover quotes aren't the most interesting things our Tom said. [Edit: Oh, and she wants to be the new Ant & Dec, and wants to do Zac Efron and David Gandy].

Tom has been voted the world's sexiest man in Attitude's Hot 100 poll.

Wayne Rooney came second.

Update: This interview's a real missed opportunity. Just fluffy filler questions about his fitness regime etc basically, nothing revealing about what's been going on inside Tom's head.
Can only imagine Attitude entered into some pact with Tom's PR people not to ask anything interesting.


  1. The real number 2 choice is no less weird than Rooney. Shayne Ward won a TV talent show almost 10 years ago, and has done nothing of note since. There's clearly a voting lobby. Maybe a Fagburn campaign for Bobby Fischer next year?

    1. In my experience of magazine polls, these things are oft fixed, yes.
      But why fix it for ShaYne Ward?
      It's not like that's the only way Attititude are going to get an interview with the reclusive starlet...

      PS Might just print a photo of Bobby Fischer's bumbum now - thanks for the reminder.