Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch: Plus 84 Things We Love About Iceland

“He wasn’t someone who purposefully put himself in the way of things as a protest — he was just a great role model for anyone who’s different or feels different,” says Cumberbatch. “And it’s tragic because you look at every single trajectory in his life and understand completely why he was different, why he stuttered, why he was isolated in his work. [You also see] why he was useless with men in any form of relationship — because he’d never experienced the love he deserved. And yet, within that, this man invented the idea of mechanizing mathematics — of a computer. He conquered, through cryptography, the Enigma code, which means he saved millions of lives, and, even as his body was morphing, was doing work on how the environment causes cellular structures to change. I mean, God knows, he probably would be celebrated as someone like Bill Gates. Without the shadow of a doubt, he would be held as a totem of the modern world.”

Mere words can not begin to describe how bowel-crackingly awful this interview is...

Perhaps the final proof that going to a very fine private school can't stop you from being very, very thick.

I give up!


  1. Surely the purpose of very fine private schools is to help the very thick, but rich? How else would anyone in the Royal Family get to University?

  2. Look at my Hi-larious détournement, Fagburn!

    Before... and after!

    Though, to be fair, the original picture is so nauseatingly hilair that it's probably impossible to better for sheer mirth.
    Oh well, slumbers for I. Night!

    1. Have to try and find him saying something fuckwitted now to hook it on!

      Oh, this is gonna be hard work!!!!