Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Clickbait Watch: The Independent

Paul Rudd was not, in fact, one of the "heroes" who tackled an angry man spouting homophobic expletives to the ground in Dallas Airport...

The story eventually concludes;

However, the actor’s spokesperson has since confirmed that, far from taking a stand, the actor actually sat idly by as the incident took place. Because the real Paul Rudd was probably thousands of miles away at the time.

"It was not Paul," they admitted.

This is clickbait at its worst - most Independent online readers would have seen this tease and assumed Rudd did sat idly by while a man got queerbashed.

Shaming, shameless and shameful. 

PS The gay media are always asking people to WATCH! an online video, telling us 'it will warm your heart' etc. This one actually will. 

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