Monday, 27 October 2014

Fagburn: I'm Still Here

Sincere apologies - Fagburn was called away to London by the spirit voice of Regina Fong to see a young engineer of his acquaintance, and a transvestite potter.

He is now going through the last few days' papers to see what - if anything - of interest and import he missed.

These - again, if there are actually any - will be retroactively posted below on the day of publication.

PS This amusing/disturbing/sacrilegious/erotic/transphobic photomontage illustrates a silly article in today's Guardian; Tony Benn – the new face of the Tories No wonder our Thatcherite prime minister can’t win over much of his party on the European Union. They’re closet Bennites

Of course, that 'politician is Thatcher in drag' meme/trope will never get old...

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