Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gay Star News: Penny For The Gay, Sir?

Whilst it's good Gay Star News brings attention to this patronising and pointless initative, who else but GSN still says 'poor people'?

You can take the gay man out of the public school, but...

Gawd bless you, sir, can I have an unpaid internship, whilst you cream even more money off Barclays...

What is it they pay you? Two grand an (undeclared) ad?


  1. It's ironic that Barclays sponsor GSN, seeing as the entire site is a load of wank.

  2. Not calling them "poor people" is a way of hiding the fact that they are poor behind waffly labels like "underprivileged" or "D/E demographic" or "underclass" or "hard working families" (they usually don't bother with the hyphen) or something. This helps to entrench the position of rich people. Bring back "poor people".

    1. "economically struggling", "low-paid", "skint", "destitute", "hard up", "penniless", "poverty stricken"?
      There must be a better, more accurate term.
      After all, "poor" can mean a number of things, can't it? GSN is poor, their writing is poor; the way the media and the government treat those on the breadline is poor, etc.

    2. But in the context, "poor people", "poor" means people with very little money. What it means in other contexts is beside the point.

      Bringing back "poor people" helps to emphasise the growing gulf between, er, rich and poor in this country.

      What's your objection to "poor people"? A tad sort of unstylish and old fashioned and redolent of the 19th century? So what?

    3. I agree with what you say, Paul. Actually I think I agree with you most of all the time anyway.
      It's just that "poor" means so much more than just skint, doesn't it. That's all.