Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Grayson Perry Watch: Identity Crisis

Perry doesn’t think he is a rule breaker, you see. When I ask him about the transgressive nature of his transvestism (in January, he accepted his CBE from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace in a blue dress and mother-of-the-bride hat), he says: “Well, it’s less transgressive nowadays.” 

In this case, does he risk losing his edge altogether, slipping into national treasure status? “What’s wrong with that?” he says. “Could be worse, couldn’t it? Could be a national hate figure.”

Widespread admiration does have a downside, though, he agrees. “Oh, it’s ruined being a tranny. Because I’m a famous tranny, I’m not a tranny anymore, I’m Grayson Perry. Whenever I step out of the door now, I’m on duty, which can be quite tiring sometimes.”

Here's today's interview with Grayson Perry - it's in the Telegraph

If only we could have one of these every day, doing this blog would be so much more fun.

If we must have 'media personalities', let them be as witty, wise and wonderful as Grayson Perry.

Mr Perry's new tellybox series, Who Are You?, begins tomorrow night on Channel 4.  

In the second part next week, we meet Jack and John and their daughter, Shea.

That's my friend Jack, insirdenturelee!

Oh crap, we'll never hear the end of this...

Anyway, here's the trailer - that they're not in.

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