Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Grindr: Your Actual Gay Art

Australian artist Adam Seymour, who describes himself as a “Homo Rural Ranga,” creates watercolor depictions of real profiles from the Grindr hook-up app.

“I began the project as I had become intrigued by the idea of our private worlds being made public through social media,” Seymour told BuzzFeed.

“We reveal our most wild, deviant, sexual, fantastical selves to the digital universe, for anyone to see, and yet, for some reason, maintain this subconscious expectation that only our desired audience will see it.”

BuzzFeed LGBT.

And in other Grindr news today...
Update: This week, lucky Grindr users in Arkansas found - fleetingly - this election ad from some homophobic Republican NRA (National Rifle Association) dude.

Read all about it on the Daily Beast!
A target audience?


  1. I hate these hook up apps. They're ruining the social fabric of the gay superficial fuck scene.
    I used to walk past Old Compton Street and feel suicidally depressed as I was too socially anxious to go in. Where now can I get that experience???
    With Grindr I just swipe from one pic to the next thinking, "Yeah, you're all fucking lonely and virtually none of you are fucking anyone on here, so don't kid no one!" and then I laugh and have a wank.
    This is what's ruining the gay.

    1. I'm just glad I don't have one of them posh portaphones.