Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hollywood: A Normal Man

The problem isn’t just about the lack of gay characters and gay movies, it’s about the portrayal. Hollywood sees gays as the kind of camp caricatures you’d find in Modern Family and Adam Sandler movies – not “normal”. One of the best gay movies ever made, A Single Man, by fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford (himself a gay man) plays homosexuality as inconsequential. It is almost entirely irrelevant to the characters and how they lead their lives...

Sam Moore, New Statesman

Hard to know where to start with this one.

Err, yeah, if only the gay characters in Hollywood movies weren't quite so... gay.

Camp queens? I say BOO!!!

How in the name of buggery is homosexuality 'inconsequential' in A Single Man?

Did you not notice that it's the story of a gay man whose long-term boyfriend's died, who starts obsessing over a hot younger man?

In what possible way is their sexuality 'almost entirely irrelevant to the characters and how they lead their lives'?

Oh, and being queer is not 'normal', love - that's kinda the point.

Next week: Why oh why did they have to keep going on about that black fellow's race in 12 Years A Slave?


  1. The film of A Single Man was tedious crap and Tom Ford is a monglord who has absolutely no style but sells his shitty bland bourgeois lifestyle to other monglords with more money than sense.

    1. How can it be 'tedious crap' when you get to see Nicholas Hoult NEKKID???

      Is that not on Moviedrome????

    2. I'll have to watch it again but I remember it being mostly a long, slow and boring film full of a kind of dead surface style. The only good bits were Nicholas in the nuddy and a hot dude in a cowboy hat (the actor is apparently Luke Evans's current beau).
      It's like one of Tom Ford's suits: dull.
      And my hatred of Tom Ford has nothing to do with the fact that when I sent emails to all the cologne firms a few years back to get free samples that bitch's company was one of the few that refused to send any of their crappy, boring smellies. Cheapskate bastards...

    3. That bitch stole all my material.