Monday, 20 October 2014

Marriage: What Would Elvis Do?

While many businesses in Las Vegas are welcoming the advent of marriage equality, some chapels are refusing to perform gay weddings, KLAS-TV reports. [Link to video, btw!]

After calls to approximately 15 wedding chapels, KLAS discovered "several" are refusing to perform gay weddings. The Elvis Wedding Chapel, which performs traditional weddings and those performed by Elvis impersonators, is one of those chapels. A representative from the business would not answer the door for the KLAS reporter and appeared hostile. The owner of the Vegas Wed Chapel would appear on camera and stated marrying gay couples would make her a hypocrite since she's a born-again Christian; she claimed the same-sex couples she's turned down have been understanding.

Since Nevada bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, these chapels could face misdemeanor charges for denying services to gays. As Tod Story of the ACLU points out, chapels are not exempt from the law, as churches or synagogues would be, because they're for-profit businesses.

If you have five hours to spare, Fagburn could bore you to death with his theories about Elvis's somewhat confused sexuality.

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