Sunday, 12 October 2014

Most Hilariously Unselfaware Ironic Tweet Of The Week: Owen Jones

'The revolution will not be televised... unless I'm on it.'

Our Owen - 'I'm from the north, me' Jones - really is the funniest and least convincing drag act since Les Dawson's Ada.

He's not a member of the political elite or the establishment, by 'eck black pudding etc.

Sorry, would have posted this earlier, but she's blocked me.

The bigger the head, the thinner the skin. x


  1. As hospital porters are on strike now, did he mention the demonisation of the working class? Oh silly me. His new book is about the political elite, isn't it? All royalties to the NHS Workers Strike Fund. Not.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes.

      Everything I write is but a mask for my unutterable jealousy and bitterness.

      Please ignore every point I make in the future.