Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Richard Coles Watch: On The Twitter/Cruising Nexus

'There’s more of me on Twitter than there is in real life,' he sighs. 'It’s certainly the thing that takes up most of my time. At first I didn’t want to do it. It was only when I got the job doing Saturday Live that they said: ‘You have to go on to Twitter.’ I didn’t get it at all. What’s so great about Twitter? 140 characters, blah, blah, blah. But within two days I think I hit the rate of tweeting that I’m on now, which is thousands a day. Because I. Just. Love it. It really, really works for me. It’s cruising, and that’s kind of fun. You bump into people that you’d probably otherwise not bump into. And you have moments of revelatory and indeed profound experience. Admittedly not that often.'

Here's today's interview with Richard Coles - it's in The Guardian.

If only we could have one of these every day, doing this blog would be so much more fun.

If we must have 'media personalities', let them be as witty, wise and wonderful as the Rev Richard Coles.

Did the Radio 4 presenter really go cruising in lay-bys? Is he actually friends with atheist-in-chief Richard Dawkins? And how accurate is his Wikipedia entry? Britain’s top media vicar Googles himself

This proves quite an entertaining and illuminating way of conducting an interview.

Though Fagburn wonders if the journalist came up with it in a panic as he hadn't really done his homework.

'The myth of my own niceness was something that seemed to need exploding...'
Thought for the day? On celibacy...

“Partly it was a situation I found myself in… I remember going to the London Apprentice near Old Street at about 10pm and standing around on my own until 1am and then going home again thinking, Why did I do that? I didn’t miss that at all, to retire from that fray. You get lots of your time back.”

Perhaps some people just don’t believe you? “Yes, lots of people do think that. All I can say is that it is actually the truth. It hasn’t always been entirely 100% true in every way, but substantially true. Sex is not so important in lots of people’s lives as we think it might be, I would say.”

Fagburn thinks this is quite profound; maybe it's time people started coming out and saying they don't really give a fuck about fucking?

Sex for most men is just lust, plus a technical wank - either on them, in them, or without them.



  1. no i disagree with that. sex is the very purpose of my existence. lol. without which i would be a shell of a human being. only music comes close to its awesomeness.

  2. i saw this book for sale in waterstones and did not buy it.