Sunday, 26 October 2014

Stephen Gately: The Wages Of Sin

THE ex-male model who shared Stephen Gately’s final night has claimed that cops failed to quiz the Boyzone star’s husband about sex and drug-taking that took place.

Bulgarian Georgi Dochev, 30, said that vital information never emerged due to an “amateurish” Spanish police inquiry...

Georgi alleged that Andrew did not go into details about sex and drugs on the fatal night in October 2009 “as he knew Stephen was famous and probably did not want to embarrass his family”...

Georgi broke his silence after Stephen’s family told The Sun on Sunday they wanted a new probe into the singer’s death.

The waiter, who first met Stephen and Andrew hours before the tragedy, told for the first time how the three men headed to the Black Cat club in Majorca after meeting at a gay bar at 1am.

He said: “There are things that have never been made public about the night Stephen died like the fact I saw him going into a toilet cubicle at the Black Cat with three well-known local drug dealers.
“I also saw him go into a room we called the ‘Dark Room’ where you could get up to anything you wanted.” 

The three then went to Stephen’s apartment at 5am where the star rolled and smoked a cannabis joint...

The ever-reliable The Sun On Sunday.

Giorgi: Hope they paid you well. 
Now, whilst Fagburn is not a forensic pathology expert, like that Amanda Burton off the telly, he is pretty sure you can't die from your boyfriend allegedly visting a back room, or from you smoking cannabis.

Nor can these be contributing factors to anything ever.

Still, it's this whole sordid gay lifestyle that surely caused this strange, lonely and troubling death, eh?


  1. Ooohhhhhh. He may have smoked cannabis!!! Him and apparently 3 million other people last weekend, if I have recalled the last statistics on drug usage correctly. Funny how our A&E's are full of people full of alcohol and not cannabis smokers clutching their chests isn't it?