Friday, 3 October 2014

Thought For The Day: Peter Berlin

So what do you make of gay marriage?

I would rather it had gone the other way and we had made straight marriage against the law. In other words, nobody can get married. If you want some person in your life, to have children, why can’t you have that without marriage? Once you get married you invite the lawyers in. I’ve seen it around me. It’s painful. The trouble created. There are probably three couples where it works out fine, everybody else they say: “Oh you have to work on it.” It shouldn’t be work. Nothing in life should be work. Even your work shouldn’t be work. It should be pleasure then make that pleasure work for you. I think we are on the wrong path.

From a Q&A in The Guardian online with 70s gay porn star, Peter Berlin.

There is an exhibition of Peter's self-portraits on at Magnet in San Francisco this month, if you're passing.

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