Friday, 14 November 2014

ATeen: Twinkitude

Attitude have published a 'special edition teen magazine', aTEEN.

It features the gay one from Union J, some gay bloke from Towie, and something about Tom Daley.

Digital-only, it could become a quarterly print magazine.

Christian Guiltenane, the assistant editor of Attitude, told Guardian Media he wanted to create a publication that he would liked to have read as a young gay man.

“There was nothing that appealed to a 16-year-old outside the metropolis – the established gay mags tended to be aimed at an older audience with a large income and a lifestyle far removed from my own."

Fagburn wonders if he had any particular magazine in mind.


  1. Looks like fun. Lots of titillation: "Stereokicks reveal all", "your sex questions answered" and just when the readers are all worked up: "dating apps ruin lives". Still, they can console themselves by taking out a mortgage to buy pants like Tom Daley wears and knock a few out. Cheap at the price! Perfect!

  2. Gays obsessing about Tom Daley. How shallow!