Monday, 10 November 2014

Attitude: The Body Hair Issue

Nick Jonas has admitted that he doesn’t feel the need to “wax or shave” his body hair.

The Chains singer said that he thinks being naturally groomed is “the beautiful part about being a man”.

He told Attitude that he was surprised by the reaction to some of his recent photoshoots, which have seen him show off chest and back hair.

He said: “It’s funny, I never even really thought about it; that that would be an issue. I think that I’ve never even tried to like wax or shave my chest hair or anywhere else.'

Attitude are really selling me their 8-page interview with Nick Jonas on their website.

Who knows what thrilling insights they're holding over for the print edition?

Sexy Nick on his nasal hair and toenail clippings?

Or has a guy ever hit on him? How much exactly does he love his gay fans - on a scale of one to ten? Which male celebrity does Nick think is the most good-looking? What's his workout regime? Has he ever dreamed about being pissed on by a burly fireman? etc etc etc.

Nick Jonas's rainbow crotch-grab: Especially for you.
I'm not just taking the piss here. I really am concerned as to why certain gay media can put such love and effort into their publications, but fill their websites and their tweets - major portals for the real thing - with such banalities. 

See for example...

If I wanted 'nice stories', I'd follow Enid Blyton. 

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  1. Reminds me of this bit in John Carpenter's 'They Live' (1988): "What's your problem?"