Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bull: Shit

A gay breeding bull who shows no interest in mating with an field full of fertile cows is facing slaughter.

Benjy shows more of a liking for the other bulls at the farm in County Mayo, Ireland, where he was purchased to impregnate the heifers.

The pedigree Charolais beast was expected to take his pick of the female cows but checks found none of them were carrying calves.

The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, at first thought Benjy must have been put off by having to perform his sexual duties in public.

But the farmer has been forced to replace him and a number of the cows are now thought to be pregnant, leaving Benjy's fate in the balance.

The farmer told the Irish Daily Mail: "The bull is now too old to castrate and turn into a bullock so I will keep him for the factory.

“At first I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay but after seeking advice I know this can happen."

I'm not saying today is a slow (gay) news day, but...

Oh, and a brilliant choice of image, too.

Any chance of a silly poll?


  1. hey :)

    its not letting me vote for some reason.

    but yes.

    i cant say i blame him.

    right. so. i hope you got your cat. :) that cat i actually called him anxiety cat but you can make your own name obvs. :)

    i am using this account. made it ages ago for some reason and i cant be bothered to make another. its got a blog attatched to it where i will be recording things.

    not sure how far into 2 week ban on fof i am ? maybe a week. well you can probably tell i am champing at the bit to get back in. :P

    thought of making an account with this name but cant be arsed. pearls before swine and so on :P need to sto using facebook too. waste of time, they got their own lives, very little interest in what im doing. :P but Syd Barrett group very good. (one of them anyway- called Dark Globe).

    left another group for the Fall before they kicked me out haha. really. you gotta love em.

    doing radio show. will put it on my blog. i have about a billion things to do so catch you later. xxx <3

  2. So he's called Benjy. Do all bulls have names, or just the gay ones in the tabloids?