Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fagburn: Catch-Up

Regular viewers may know Fagburn is currently spending his weekends away, smuggling AK-47s to the brave anti-fascist freedom fighters in east Ukraine.

So sometimes, at best, all you may get up is a round-up of the most THRILLING news.

So here is a piece in The Independent that ticked all my boxes.

1. It's written by that leading gay intellectual of our age, Patrick Strudwick! See also Patrick's groundbreaking article; 'It is time for my bedroom curtains to stop being homophobic!'
#stoptthegayhatecurtains *

2. It's about Ian McKellen - of hilarious ITV gay sitcom, Vicious, fame! He is like super old and was in Lord Of The Rings, so whatever he says goes.

3. They talk about THEGAYSINSPORT! - always makes for an interesting article that. Is it the last taboo? etc etc.

4. They plug that calendar by those rather plain, but pukingly posh boys from the NAKEDWARWICKROWINGCLUB! But they love The Gays! Phwoar.

5. Gareth Thomas! Yay! He played rugby and now he gay! ibid. And he man! Not like the rubbish gay gays. Exciting times!

6. The bible. Always worth discussing what this holy book has to say about bumming, or indeed about anything, really. Historical facts? Rational thought? Meh. Fagburn will now consult his pet monkey spinning on an ouija board to see what he thinks.


* Strudwick - an expert on gay politics - writes of the 'near comically villainous [sic] Section 28, gagging teachers from discussing homosexuality'. Err, it didn't, dear.


  1. Finally! I've been pressing the refresh button on this site since Friday evening...

  2. What's this in the article from Ian McKellen: "We (Stonewall) did the easy part, which is we got the laws changed." Thanks, Saint fucking Ian. However did homosexuality become legalised without Stonewall?

    If Vicious is ever on again, I promise I'll watch the two bitchy queens, who have no gay friends and spend their time drooling over a neighbour young enough to be their grandson. And I'll raise a glass to you Sir Ian and what you have done to advance the gay cause, since Mr Humphries in the seventies. Fuckwit.