Sunday, 23 November 2014

Fagburn: Meh

So I got punched on the nose
When I was just trying to go home
Just after I got off the escalator at King's Cross.

So he hit me
fork knows what his problem was.

About to lose my faith in humanity.
Then as I was stunned reeling
on the floor.
Six people came
to check I was okay
rubbing my shoulders
Holding me.

These wonderful passersby

Gave me napkins to stop my nosebleeds
Some pain-killers
Some yogurt drink
'You'll need some sugar...'

'Are you okay?'

I guess, yes.
But a bit concussed.

Cause the great people in the world outnumber the bad
Seven to one.

* For Jo Holloway. The angel saint at Kings' Cross Station. x


  1. Jesus. Hope you're okay? xxx

  2. I can't stand most of what you write, Fagburn, but I'm really sorry to hear this. It's good to know that people helped. As you say: seven to one. All the best to you. xx