Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Harry Styles: Gay Shock

The pop hunk was chatting with bandmate Liam Payne to ODE about what they look for in prospective girlfriends, and Harry’s response sent the One Direction fan world into meltdown when he claimed gender wasn’t important to him in a relationship.

Liam responded first when pressed by the journalist, saying: “Female… that’s a good trait.”

However, Harry shrugged off Liam’s reply saying: “Not that important.”

Love him to bits!

And apropos of nothing...


  1. So Nick Jonas courting his gay fans by saying he "quite likes his gay fans" is somehow cynical "queer-baiting" and Harry Styles pretending he likes cock is "adorbs"?
    He's not gay. We all know who the gay one is.
    Mind you, he did date Taylor Swift, didn't he?
    She also dated Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner.

  2. Und. All the cock grabbing is sort of proof that he isn't a gay, isn't it? It's a sign of a kind of "straight privilege" that an actual member of the gay wouldn't be allowed to do 'cause it would be immediately interpreted as actually sexual and therefore gross.
    For myself, I don't mind straight dudes stroking my junk until I shoot, but if a gay guy so much as puts a finger on it... Eeew!!!

    Liam actually seems to be getting really fed up with all the queer baiting, I think.
    Apropos of nothing, Jeremy Renner has recently had a baby with his baba mama of his baby and Bradley Cooper I think is married now (?) so you never know (actually, you do, but WHATEVER!!!)...