Monday, 10 November 2014

John Waters: Shock Value

I am shocked by peoples increasing desire to mass conform and belong,it seems even the "outsiders" and the "avant-garde" can only do it safely within their tribe. What shocks you, if anything?

If you are "shocked" by people's desire to mass conform, you must be awfully young! They've been trying to do that since Adam and Eve. What shocks me? Bad romantic comedies.

What "shocks" you?

Racism. Anyone that thinks gay people adopting children is wrong. Oh sure, orphanages are better.

Ever going to marry?

I doubt it. I have no real urge to copy a corny heterosexual tradition, even though I believe marriage can work. My parents had a great one. It's the bachelor party I can't face.

From a Guardian online readers' live webchat earlier today.

Shockingly, these are among the 'highlights'.

Among the questions he couldn't be arsed to answer; do you consider your films as culturally significant in the realm of queer theory? What influence has the struggle for LGBT rights had on your work in the cinema? I work in the world of developing reality television, would you ever consider developing some sort of unscripted show?


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