Sunday, 30 November 2014

Noam Chomsky: Vs Evan Davis

Evan Davis - you are now awarded the Fagburn 2014 Award for missing the point.

By a mile.

I give UP!


  1. Well what do you fucking expect?
    You seem to ignore the fact someone is a posh conservative twit when you take a shine to them and then seem surprised later on when they turn out to be posh conservative twits.
    Principles dictated by a whim.

    I told you over a year ago that Davis is a fucking tory who thinks the gutting of this country's industry is a good thing as it means more service jobs catering to rich tourists and call centre slave wagery.
    The man's a fucking moron, but... hold on! He misses the point of Saint Noam???

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  2. Time to add a new category to the list of logical fallacies?

    Argument by Idiot Vox Pops.

  3. Oh FFS! Why does anyone take the BBC seriously? Debate by soundbite. Evan gives random members of the public 30 seconds on immigration, consumerism etc and then expresses surprise at the theory that ordinary people are ignored! How ironic!

    My local politics programme gave a wealthy football chairman several minutes to bang on about the unfairness of the mansion tax. ITV provided a similar opportunity to Mylene (no) Klass. Never seen an ordinary person given time to argue about how VAT disproportionately affects the poor.