Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Randal Kleiser: The Penis Chronicles

The subtitle is “Every Man’s Journey.” There’s a song for the play that opens and closes it and the lyrics are “every man’s journey begins with a cry” and then “every man’s journey ends with a sigh,” which is when you die. We have characters ranging from a 16-year-old who’s being teased in the showers at the gym because he hasn’t gone through puberty and has a tiny dick and is using a penis pump to try to grow up. There’s a farm boy alone on the farm coming out and revealing how hard it is. There’s a guy who got HIV from his girlfriend and a male prostitute who was a Wall Street banker who decided it was more interesting to do that work. There’s a drag queen who uses money from tricks to send her little brother to summer camp. There’s just all kinds of drama and interesting stuff. There’s a thread running through it. They’re all connected in some way...

Randal Kleiser interview on Queerty.

Wish they'd do more of this sort of thing, and less pink fluff.

The legendary Randy has directed the play The Penis Chronicles on West Hollywood.

He also directed three of Fagburn's favourite films; Grease, Blue Lagoon and Pee-Wee's Big Top. 

Here he talks about their appeal to gay men - though tbh, I can't see it myself. 

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