Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sir John Gielgud: All Mouth And No Trousers

[Peter] De Rome, who died earlier this year, made gay pornography in New York from the 1960s onwards, at a time when homosexuality was illegal, and became the subject of the recent documentary Peter de Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn. The documentary’s producer David McGillivray revealed details of a collaboration between De Rome and Gielgud at a recent Barbican retrospective of pulp director Pete Walker.

“Peter de Rome knew everybody when he was working, including John Gielgud, and John was so impressed with Peter’s work – which of course was porn – that he wrote Peter a screenplay,” McGillivray said. “Nobody knows anything about this script, it’s not in the John Gielgud letters, it’s not mentioned in the biographies, it’s an unknown script. John Gielgud’s only screenplay. So next year, we are going to make that.

“It’s called Trouser Bar. John Gielgud was obsessed with trousers, loved corduroy and leather. And so he wrote a film set in a menswear shop.” ...

Guardian online.

Hope they can find the flipping script - you old dog, you! x

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