Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Joiners' Arms: So Farewell Then...

One of London's most anarchic LGBT venues, the Joiners' Arms, ​is to close on 15th January 2015. Why? Because London needs more housing. The venue's location, in the middle of aspirational Hackney Road, screams bespoke kitchens and walnut wood roof terraces.

We've seen a huge chunk of London's gay venues close since 2008, when the recession forced us all into a downward spiral of low pay rises and increased costs of living. While some closures were down to economic reasons - they simply weren't bringing in the pounds to cover the costs - others have met the gentrification guillotine. The Shoreditch borders are widening with arms wide open to London's high earners and pushing out those that can no longer afford to stay.

One of those, sadly, is the Joiners' Arms...

Not sure what he means by 'anarchic' - is it a workers' co-operative?

PS But what's happening with that other happening homo joint, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern? Not Television on 9 questions the property developers won't answer.

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  1. The London Apprentice went straight when the toffs started to move into Hoxton. The female owner made her money from the poofs and then sold them out. Cheers Vicky.