Friday, 12 December 2014

Benjy The Gay Bull: Saved!

‘We would like to say a huge thank you to all 321 supporters who donated what they could afford to help save Benjy and have him transported here to the UK.’ Said Graham Davies, Co-Founder TheGayUK. 

The campaign has brought animal lovers and the gay community together for this fight with a total of £9,401 being raised in just four weeks. This included donations from, Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon to an unemployed man who donated his last £5 to help, because he was so upset by the story.

‘A recent survey showed 44% of young LGBT people had considered suicide
[Errant nonsense, but do go on...], which is just sickening. No one, man or beast, should feel unwanted, ashamed, threatened or bullied because of their sexuality.‘ said Graham.

A number of homophobic comments had been left on the official YouTube campaign video, highlighting the problems of cyber bullying, with one saying;

‘There are wars going on in the world and you filthy cream puff queers are going on about saving a faggot bull, how about this? Cull the damn bull and lynch you dirty fags. PROBLEM SOLVED’ - HH500.

Press release - thanks to DS. x

As Britain's 75th most influential gay vegan * can I just repeat this shows why the gay movement is now - officially - fucked.

* Yes, I sometimes eats cheese when I'm drunk, so don't write in.

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  1. Comes to something when, minus the abusive language and suggested lynchings, I agree with the bigot.