Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Interview: Kim Wild

KIM Jong-Un is portrayed as a gay, margarita-loving Katy Perry-obsessive in the controversial movie pulled by Sony after pressure from cyber-terrorists.

The film will now never be screened after hackers threatened 9/11-style attacks in cinemas.

But The Sun can reveal
[sic] that one scene featured the North Korean dictator sobbing while driving a tank and blasting out a track by his favourite pop star Perry.

He is crying after telling James Franco's character that his dad told him drinking margaritas was "gay".

One leaked scene depicting his head exploding was toned down before the decision to pull the movie was made.

In another, leaked online, the tyrant dies in a ball of flames when his helicopter explodes...

Though a fondness for Katy Perry and margaritas are gay signifiers - a bit like 'Kylie and cocktails' - I can't find anyone else claiming Kim is presented as simply 'gay'.

[Edit: Apparently there's a kinda gay scene betwixt Kim and Franco - but then it's a standard fratboy movie full of 'coz gay iz funny' 'jokes'].

Out's review, for example, doesn't reach this conclusion - though it does riff on the Franco/Rogen bromance.


... it’s Eminem that gets all the laughs. Skylark [Franco's TV interviewer] asks him about his numerous homophobic lyrics and remarks. Eminem explains: “That’s because I’m gay. I like men. I can’t believe people didn’t pick up on that.” Marshall Mathers says it all with a straight face, matter of factly with a priceless deadpan delivery...

PS Regular viewers may recall we know which member of NK's Kim dynasty is the gay one...

PPS I can't see why North Korea would have bothered with all the Guardians Of Peace hacking malarkey about a daft film.

I get the distinct feeling it'll turn out to be the work of a spotty adolescent geek holed up in his bedroom in Baltimore.

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