Friday, 16 January 2015

Gay School!: SHOCK!!!

A taxpayer-funded youth group has drawn up controversial plans for Britain’s first school for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pupils.

LGBT Youth North West wants the school to cater for children aged 13 and older who have been bullied and hopes the idea will be copied across the country.

Organisers yesterday denied that the school would become a ‘ghetto’ for gay children and said mainstream schools can be ‘one of the last bastions of homophobia’...

Fagburn was dreading reading the news about this, and expecting a load of hysterical misreporting.

'Why oh why do they need their own schools? It's Gay-ria law!' etc.

But no, all newspapers were quite reasonable; excusing their usual trick of talking to an anti-gay bigot for 'balance'. *

Even the Mail could see there may be a need to give temporary shelter to those queer kids who've been excluded from school because their lives have been made hell by extreme homophobic bullying, and the trauma this will cause.

Been rendered speechless for the second time today - by the Daily Mail!

Mind you, wait til Monday when the right-wing columnists get hold of this one...

* The Mail gave much space to Tory MP and former education minister, Tim Loughton; 'I cannot see how segregating a group of young people identified by their sexuality can aid better engagement and understanding.'

Oh Tim, please don't pretend you give a fuck if gay kids live or die.

Here's your voting record on LGBT rights!

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  1. This means there won't be any gay children in the regular schools?