Saturday, 3 January 2015

Johann Hari: Mea Culpa

When I heard that Johann Hari had written a book about the war on drugs, two immediate concerns sprang to mind. The first was whether anyone would trust a word he wrote...

Decca Aitkenhead profiles leading gay liar and fantasist Jonhann Hari for The Guardian.

For a quick reminder of Johann's fantastic lies see his website.


  1. He's lost weight. Still not as hot as Owen Jones though.

  2. How strange the Gay Media has totally ignored Crusaid paid thousands in Aids Charity money to silence and gagg staff in 2004 with huge gagging doc inherited by THT after merging and Destroyed in 2012 by THT
    Cover Up the gay community scream

  3. I wrote that book. And Owen Jones is cute despite his somewhat strange mouth.

  4. Notice the pose and lighting highlights his neck, which Johann didn't think he needed to add fake tan to.
    Even the photographer has it in for him. :(