Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lads: What Are You Like!!?

Analysing the profiles of 3,300 members who describe themselves as 'laddish', YouGov Profiles is able to reveal a portrait of what makes them different to the rest of the population.

The quintessential lad is a young, northern man at the lower end of the income scale. Sports are his defining interest; he prefers dogs by far; and his food tastes are as manly as they come: chips, burgers, bacon sandwiches and fried chicken are the most strongly correlated with British lads.

It’s the attraction to a certain kind of humour, however, that makes the profile ring true. Often accused of passing off offensive jokes as “banter”, the quintessential lad “finds toilet humour quite funny” and describes himself as "funny" and “barmy”. The top scoring negative adjectives used to describe themselves are 'quick-tempered', 'headstrong' and 'confrontational', suggesting that this is a type of person best encountered in a good mood....

The picture wouldn’t be complete without the media, and the statistical profile fits the stereotype with striking accuracy. In print the classic British lad reads the Sun, football magazine FourFourTwo and lads mag Nuts. There could also be some ladettes in the subject group, with gossip magazines Heat and Take a Break scoring highly. In digital, the modern lad follows Rihanna and The Only Way is Essex’s Mark Wright on Twitter, and, of course, his top Facebook page is none other than the Lad Bible...

Well funny!

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