Friday, 9 January 2015

Neil MacGregor: From London To Berlin

He often walks to work from his home in Maida Vale, west London, some five miles away. He is gay, a devout Christian, dedicated to his work – a man, according to Jowell, “of intense and acute moral purpose”. He is, she says, sociable without being “one of the gang”. He has twice turned down knighthoods. He doesn’t ally himself with any political party, his independence and his mastery of his sphere such that, according to Jowell, “it would be a very foolish culture secretary who alienated him”. He is committed to the principle of free entry to museums, and, says Jowell, “utterly understands that there is a fatuousness about the argument that you have to choose between access and excellence”.

MacGregor embodies the ideal that you can very much have both. Germany’s gain stands to be Britain’s huge loss.

The conclusion to a glowing profile of the British Museum's director Neil MacGregor in The Independent, rumouring that our Neil has been headhunted by a new cultural centre in Berlin.

Mr MacGregor was unavailable for comment.

FULL DISCLOSURE!!!: Written and published on Thursday 15th - as was everything blogged between then and here. On the 16th I moved them to days closest to publication of the relevant story.

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