Thursday, 8 January 2015

TV's Iain Lee: Holds Hands With A Bloke In Public!

A fascinating social experiment conducted by Mr Lee for BBC Three Counties Radio. Is he still on TV?

Who knew??? *

Fagburn's surprised he's surprised some people are shocked.

Mind you, this is in Luton.

Update: Guardian Witness asks readers to do their work for them by replying to the spectacularly daft question; Have you experienced homophobia in your day-to-day life? (Ironically illustrated with a gay-shaming photo of faces obscured by a sodding rainbow flag).

Do you think anyone said 'no'?

* Ian wrote later for The Independent he had no idea how much homophobia there still was.

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  1. This doesn't surprise me.

    Being able to walk down the street with a partner, holding hands, is a heterosexual (and possibly bisexual) privilege. It's something they should be able to do but many of them - even those who are allies - take it for granted and don't realise that being able to do it without being stared at, commented on, or risking their personal safety is a privilege that they have because they're in a mixed-sex relationship.

    I don't blame them. Holding hands with your partner is such an everyday, normal part of life that you wouldn't think that there would be people who would feel it their place to verbally or physically abuse someone for it but that is the reality.