Saturday, 21 February 2015

Michael Mason: 1947-2015

Michael Mason, who has died aged 67, was the news editor of Gay News who went on to co-found and edit the pioneering London paper Capital Gay and was a leading figure in the campaign for homosexual law reform.

As the product of a leading public school and Oxford, Michael Mason was not the first upper-middle-class man to find that his sexual preferences tended towards his own sex. But whereas most contemporaries discreetly pursued their predilections behind a respectable facade, Mason was baffled that there might be anything to be ashamed of. He took delight in declaring his club as the Sadie Maisie, whose dress code was not jacket-and-tie, but denim, leather or rubber...

The beginning of a fitting tribute to a man who was part of the Gay Liberation Front, news editor on Gay News, and went on to publish Capital Gay, a weekly London newspaper that worked on the assumption its readers had hearts and brains.

Here are some similarly fulsome tributes paid by the gay media of today...

I jest, of course.

Michael Mason, missed in so many ways.


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